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ISA Plans

Do you remember the days when the thought of a 2.5% rate of interest would have been disappointing?

These days, 1.3%* for fixed term ISA’s and 1.1%* for instant access ISA’s are among the best rates available for Cash ISA’s, but not everyone is even getting that.

And with the current low interest rate, an ISA or most savings accounts may not provide the returns your clients would like.

A savings account or a Cash ISA is generally considered to be a low risk, relatively safe and easy access home for your clients money. But for those clients, who are wishing to invest for the medium to long term (5 or more years), and who are prepared to take more of a risk with their money, a Stocks and Shares ISA could offer the potential for higher returns.

* Cash ISA rate,, as at 20 October 2016.

Are your clients unsure where to invest?

When it’s time to talk ISAs and your clients are worried about risk and return, it may be worth discussing the Prudential ISA, which is a Stocks and Shares ISA offering access to PruFund and its unique smoothing process. Also available with full online functionality allowing you to complete, submit and track applications online - making client transactions faster and simpler.

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Maximising tax efficient savings

With the increase of the 2017/18 allowance to £20,000 for all ISA’s, this form of savings may still be an attractive investment for your clients.

There are still business opportunities

Although the figures from the last year have shown in most ISA subscriptions there has been a fall from the previous year, it is hoped that due to further increase in the allowance an ISA investment will seem more attractive to investors again.

Around 12.7 million Adult ISA accounts were subscribed to in 2015-16, down from 13.0 million subscribed to in 2014-15*

Around 740 thousand Junior ISA accounts were subscribed to in the fourth full financial year (2015-16) since the scheme was launched, up from 510 thousand in 2014-15*

The share of accounts subscribed to in cash stayed broadly static, at just under 80% of accounts (10.2 million)*

Cash ISAs

The number of cash ISAs subscribed fell slightly, as did the number subscribing to stocks and shares ISAs, both by 0.2 million*

Source: HMRC Individual Savings Account (ISA) Satistics, August 2016

All clients are different: some will be able to use their tax-free personal savings allowances to maximum effect, while others may have considerable gaps to fill as they save for the future.

The Prudential ISA

The Prudential ISA is now available with full online functionality which allows you to complete, submit and track applications online – making client transactions faster and simpler. Online declarations are also available or if preferred the option to declare offline with "Print & Post”.

And there’s lots of payment flexibility too:

  • Clients can pay online by direct debit for single investments
  • They can pay by cheque or bank transfer
  • And set up direct debit mandates
  • And they can create PDF records of applications for Quality and Audit purposes

Other benefits include:

  • Access to our PruFund funds
  • Can invest in a range of OEIC funds
  • Adviser charging facilitated through the Prudential ISA
  • Minimum of £500 initial investment or transfer and/or £50 regular monthly payment

The Prudential ISA is provided by Capita Financial Investments Limited, who is the ISA Plan Manager. Capita Financial Investments Limited is responsible for all regulatory and legal aspects of the ISA and the provision of all customer services, including issuing contract notes, statements and other post-sales communications.

The value of an investment is not guaranteed and can go down as well as up. Your client could get back less than they have paid in.

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