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Prudential Retirement Modeller

Welcome to the new Retirement Modeller. We've redesigned it, making it simpler to model your client's retirement preferences. This could be from straightforward to complex planning scenarios and the ability to demonstrate the impact of guarantees and annual variances.

Results are now easier to convey with improved visual graphs and tables and flexibility in how you want to integrate these into your suitability reports through enhanced print and export options. Launch the new Retirement modeller.

If you'd prefer to model for our Flexible Retirement Plan (FRP) you can access the FRP Modeller here.

Bespoke planning options

From simple scenarios through to full retirement planning: a variety of optional inputs makes the model bespoke for each client.


  • Demonstrate the contributions required to achieve a pension pot at retirement, or find out the level of income payable or the term it can be paid for
  • Use a combination of accumulation and decumulation to provide a full retirement journey
  • Model various scenarios using basic and more detailed inputs
  • Choose from PruFund investment or other funds


Demonstrate the potential benefits and cost from capital or income guarantees.


  • Add multiple capital guarantees to the model based on current PruFund terms
  • Add a Minimum Income Guarantee to show a secure level of income
  • Use negative or volatile returns to show when a guarantee may be beneficial

Clear outputs

Whether you want to show potential retirement income in a table or a graph, we've got it covered.


  • Easy to read results in table and graph format
  • View potential fund value and income that can be used in client conversations
  • Amend client inputs based on client's personal circumstances to show income changes
  • View income taking into account adviser charges and expected growth rate
  • Export to a variety of common formats including PDF, PNG and CSV.

Interactive graphs

Financial models can be complex and hard to understand. That's why we have ensured the outputs of this modeller can be understood clearly and used in other parts of the advice process.


  • View survival rates based on Office of National Statistics (ONS) data, taking into account mortality trends
  • Print or save graphs in various output formats
  • Navigate between tabs for a complete retirement journey with retained client data

Adviser charging

Helping demonstrate the value of professional advice and the costs involved.


  • Client can see retirement income taking into account adviser charges
  • Highlight your set up and ongoing adviser charges to demonstrate the value of advice relative to cost
  • Demonstrate to clients the impact of both falling and rising fund values on any ongoing charge

Hints & tips

Download our handy pdf guide

This guide provides some useful hints & tips on getting the best from our upgraded tools and calculators. Whether you need help with printing or saving outputs into a PDF document, this handy guide has the information you may be looking for.

For UK Adviser Use Only - Not Approved For Use With Clients