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9am:Investment considerations for trustees

Presented by Liz Hardie, Technical Specialist

Liz explored investment considerations for trustees, the standard investment criteria, requirements for trustees to take financial advice. She also covered types of trust commonly encountered, taxation of investments and using tax wrappers as investment vehicles.

11am: The ‘what’ of trusts (Part one)

Presented by Helen O’Hagan, Technical Manager

In part one of the ‘what’ of trusts Helen, cut through the complexity of standard insurance company trusts. She also covered why to use a particular trust, how to set up that trust, access for the settlor and beneficiaries and finally taxation implications.

1pm: Pensions and Trusts

Presented by Mark Devlin, Technical Manager

In this session Mark explored a view on how types of pensions can pay to trusts, such as a Spousal Bypass Trust and the tax implications. He also looked at potential planning opportunities for trust planning with pensions.

2pm: The Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB)

Presented by Graeme Robb, Senior Technical Manager

Graeme looked at how trusts impact on RNRB availability, and planning thoughts regarding the £2 million taper. He also covered the overview of the RNRB, and who qualifies, homes left to trust, homes in trust prior death considering the £2 million taper problem.

3.30pm: The ‘what’ of trusts (Part two)

Presented by Helen O’Hagan

In part two of the ‘what’ of trusts, Helen turned her attention to Discounted Gift Trusts (DGT). She covered why use a DGT, how to set one up, access for the settlor and beneficiaries, taxation implications and finally comparing and contrasting Prudential’s two DGT’s.

For UK Adviser Use Only - Not Approved For Use With Clients

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