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9am: The Anatomy of Long–Term Asset Allocation

Presented by Parit Jakhria, Head of Long –Term Investment Strategy, PPMG

This session provided an insight into how PPMG formulate the long–term strategic asset allocation (SAA) that underpins Prudential’s multi asset portfolios. Parit provided insights into the Capital Market Assumptions and PPMG’s in–house stochastic model, GeneSis, that are key inputs into SAA reviews. Parit also described how the shape of portfolios has changed over recent years

10am: An insight in to Multi–Asset Portfolio Management

Presented by Barry Widdows, Head of Multi-Asset Portfolio Management, PPMG

In this session Barry provided an insight in to how the Portfolio Management team acts as a central hub within PPMG and whose primary role is to ensure efficient implementation of strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions across asset classes including alternatives. Barry also discussed how the team inputs in to tactical decisions and manages all portfolios to keep them in–line with target exposures and limits.

11am: Why invest in Alternatives?

Presented by Mike Howard, Head of Alternatives, PPMG

The purpose of this session was to provide an insight in to the opportunities available in less liquid and specialised asset classes like hedge funds, private equity and infrastructure. Mike also discussed the depth of investment, operational and legal due diligence required when liquidity is often much lower and many deals have multi–year lock in periods.

2pm: An introduction to Investment Research

Presented by David Shairp, Head of Research, PPMG

In this session David provided an insight in to how investment research provides robust economic and market insights that underpin portfolio positions. David also discussed the PPMG research framework and how his team collaborates across the business to share insights and contribute to key investment decisions.

3pm: Manager oversight

Presented by Andy Brown, Investment Director & Adrian Gaspar, Product Specialist, PPMG

The purpose of this session was to provide an insight in to the due diligence process employed by the Manager Oversight team and how this ensures underlying fund managers are performing in­line with expectations. They also discussed the benefits of mandate design and how this provides an extra layer of control and helps generate returns.

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