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Prudential tools & calculators

Prudential tools & calculators

Our tools & calculators can be used across a variety of devices. They are user friendly and can also be used offline without an internet connection.

Please be aware that these tools are for the use of Financial Advisers and not approved for use with clients. Please ensure that you are using the latest version of this tool.

Retirement modeller

Retirement modeller thumbnail

From simple scenarios through to full retirement planning: a variety of optional inputs makes the model bespoke for each client.

Annual allowance calculator

Our Annual Allowance calculator allows you to input the details of your client's previous and expected contributions to their pension arrangements.

Tax Relief modeller

Tax relief modeller thumbnail

This tool allows you to input the details of your client's income and existing pensions contributions and highlights the effect a pension contribution can have on someone's tax position.





Defined Benefit Pension Input Amount tool

Defined benefit pension input amount tool thumbnail

This tool helps you work out the amount of annual allowance used up in a defined benefit pension scheme.

Collectives & Bonds calculator

This calculator is designed to give a general demonstration of the comparative returns from collectives and bonds. The calculator compares the returns from on-shore bonds, off-shore bonds and collective investments such as unit trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEICs).

Flexible Retirement Pension modeller

Retirement modeller thumbnail

This modeller has been developed to help you answer those retirement income questions that clients may have.

Capped Drawdown GAD calculator

Capped drawdown GAD calculator thumbnail

This can be used to find out the monthly gilt yield and impact of this on the amount of income that can be taken from income drawdown as well as seeing historic gilt yields in a chart and table format.

Salary Exchange calculator

Salary exchange calculator thumbnail

This tool helps you compare the tax, national insurance and pension position for a client before and after an exchange of salary.

Investment calculator

Investment calculator thumbnail

This calculator allows you to demonstrate fund value over specified number of years using various growth inputs. The goal based option allows you to input what the savings goal figure is, and how long it takes to achieve it.

Emergency Tax tool

Emergency tax tool thumbnail

This tool is designed to give a general demonstration of how the operation of Emergency Tax has an effect on the payment of an Uncrystallised Fund Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS).

DGT Discount calculator

DGT discount calculator thumbnail

The Discounted Gift Trust - discount calculator allows the client to put a lump sum into trust for their beneficiaries, while retaining the right to a regular payment. The calculator will provide an estimate of the discount based on the information entered.

Inheritance Tax Calculator

This calculator is designed to provide a basic indication of a potential inheritance tax liability on either a discretionary gift trust; a discretionary discounted gift trust; or a discretionary loan trust.

School & University Fees calculator

This calculator provides an indication of the level of investment that would be needed in an offshore bond to meet school or university fees and what tax might be payable on withdrawals.

Extracting Company Profits tool

Extracting Company Profits tool thumbnail

This tool will enable you to sit with a client and discuss the different options that they have for extracting profits from their business.

Prudential Trust and Application form

Prudential Trust and Application form thumbnail

This tool can help save you time by highlighting the correct Trust form to be completed in conjunction with the appropriate application form for Prudential's and Prudential International's investment bonds.

Available Funds and Preferential Terms calculator

Available funds and preferential terms calculator thumbnail

This calculator shows the effect, in money terms, of the preferential terms available for any funds chosen from the Available Funds List. It calculates the total initial saving, based on the discounted initial charge for each fund. It also calculates the average AMC, taking into account the percentage of the total investment put into each fund.

Explore our improvements

Continue working, offline

You can now work just as well offline as online. Perfect for when you don’t have internet access. Offline capability depends on your version of web browser - the later, the better!


  • Easy access via your bookmarks
  • Automatic updates to download the latest versions

Print friendly output

Our print friendly option provides a clear copy of your calculations to store for later use.


  • Clear, prominent print button
  • Simplified layout optimised for A4 pages
  • Reduced colour to save on ink usage
  • Can be stored as a pdf document*

*You’ll need to have a PDF print driver installed. Please refer to our handy hints and tips guide for more information.

User friendly design

Our tools and calculators are clear and easy to use with rich functionality providing even more options. You can adjust your calculations to suit, with upgraded charts and graphs bringing figures to life.


  • Clear and simple interface
  • Helpful tips and guidance notes
  • Easily made adjustments to your calculations
  • Interactive charts and graphs

Optimised for devices

By using state of the art web technology, our tools and calculators ensure maximum compatibility across a wide range of browsers and devices.


  • Built for speed means quick loading and fast to use
  • ‘Finger friendly’ interface
  • Optimised for retina displays
  • Save on your home device screen as an app

Hints & tips

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Download our handy pdf guide

This guide provides some useful hints & tips on getting the best from our upgraded tools and calculators. Whether you need help with printing or saving outputs into a PDF document, this handy guide has the information you may be looking for.

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