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Capped Drawdown GAD Calculator

Our Capped Drawdown GAD calculator is easy to use across a range of devices. You can use this calculator to:

  • Find out the monthly gilt yield and impact of this on the amount of income that can be taken from income drawdown.
  • Find out the percentage of the fund value the maximum gilt yield will deliver.
  • View Historic gilt yields in a new chart and table format.
  • Select a gilt yield for comparison and project for the following month.

Important information

From 6 April, this calculator is only relevant for capped drawdown plans that started prior to 6 April and that continue in capped drawdown. For these plans, limits on income and the need for three yearly reviews (annual after age 75) will continue to apply.

Hints & tips

  • You can save the outputs as an electronic PDF copy by printing to a PDF printer. There are several available to download including PDF Forge, which is free. This allows the webpage to convert to a PDF document.
  • You can remove the header/footer from printed outputs to make it look more like a traditional report.
  • You can add this calculator to your favourites to easily link to it the future and even access this when not connected to the internet.

For more information, please download our PruAdviser WebApp guide.

Please note: The hints & tips are suitable for Internet Explorer. Internet browsers operate in different ways so please refer to your browser help guide for more information on the above hints & tips.

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