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Defined Benefit Pension Input Amount Tool

Annual Allowance usage is based on pension input amounts made in pension input periods.

The total pension input amount is:

  • all tax relieved contributions paid by or on behalf of an individual, plus any employer contributions paid in respect of the individual to any money purchase schemes.

  • plus
  • most increases in the capital value of pension and tax-free cash retirement benefits in any defined benefit or cash balance arrangements.

Our Defined Benefit Pension Input amount tool allows you to enter details of your clients:

  • salary, service and pension accrual rates

  • or
  • accrued pension and cash entitlements

It then works out the pension input amount based on those details.

Launch Defined Benefit Pension Input Amount Tool

Once input amounts are known our Annual Allowance calculator can help you work out:

  • any amounts that would be subject to an Annual Allowance charge, and
  • the amount of unused Annual Allowance including any carry forward opportunities.

Launch Annual Allowance Calculator
(this requires Microsoft Excel - version 97 or later)
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