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Prudential Trust and Application Form Tool

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This tool can be used across a variety of devices to:

  • Highlight the correct Trust form to be completed in conjunction with the appropriate application form for Prudential and Prudential International's investment bonds
  • Provide useful information to help you complete the forms. Although it does not specify each section of the forms to be filled in, it provides you with helpful tips and pointers on how to complete the main areas correctly, together with details of any other forms to be used.

Any application placed into trust MUST have the Tax Residency Self Certification Declaration Form:
- Onshore investments
- Prudential Onshore Portfolio Bond
or Tax Residency Self-Certification Form (International investments) completed.

Hints & Tips

From the drop down menu on the screen, simply select the:

  • Type of bond - onshore or Prudential International
  • Bond / Plan name
  • Trust
  • Type of Trust
  • Type of Settlor

The tool will then highlight the correct application form and Trust form that you need to complete, including the reference number for each form, which you can then download and complete.

You can add the Prudential Trust and Application Form Tool to your favourites to easily link to it the future and even access this when not connected to the internet.

For more information, please download our PruAdviser WebApp guide.

Please note: The hints & tips are suitable for Internet Explorer. Internet browsers operate in different ways so please refer to your browser help guide for more information on the above hints & tips.

For UK Adviser Use Only - Not Approved For Use With Clients