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Article one - Mark Devlin

How do you solve a problem like nearing the LTA?

With the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) down to £1m, more and more clients will be facing a planning dilemma when nearing this limit. Mark Devlin, Technical Manager, looks at some of the key considerations.

Run for cover article

Run For Cover

For many small businesses surplus cash is a nice problem to have. Or more precisely, what to do with that cash sitting on the Balance Sheet which is surplus to business needs - cash which is surplus to normal working capital requirements. Graeme Robb, Senior Technical Manager, explores some options.

100% tax relief

How can I get 100% tax relief or more?

That can't be right, can it? Clare Moffat, Senior Technical Manager, explains how it can be.

Bank of Gran article

The Bank of Gran

With the recent publicity over exam results, thoughts turn to University for a high proportion of students. Helen O'Hagan, Technical Manager, looks at some of the options to help fund the cost of going to university.

tax free article

Planning for £50,000+ tax-free annually

Nobody likes paying tax, but luckily our tax system offers legitimate opportunities to diminish tax payments. Liz Hardie, Technical Specialist, explores.

A day in the life of Technical team article

A day in the life of the technical team...

Les Cameron, Head of Technical, gives an insight to what his team do on a daily basis to make sure they can provide the service expected from them.


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