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Rory Percival article - 147x122

Defined benefit transfers and due diligence

Defined benefit (DB) transfers and research and due diligence (R&DD) are two of the most topical regulatory issues at the moment. Technical expert Rory Percival flags up the key areas of concern for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the issues advisers should be considering.

Paul Fidell article -147x122

When will I learn?

One of the great things about life is the ability for it to surprise us. Paul Fidell, Head of Business Development (Investments), explores why we should continue to expect the unexpected.

Les Cameron article -147x122

Would you take a tennis racquet fishing?

Les Cameron, Head of Technical, explores defined benefit pension transfers from a technical viewpoint, tackling the topics such as transfer values and transfer drivers.

Colin Simmons article-147x122

Cash flow modelling: Informed DB transfers

Colin Simmons, Business Development Manager, explores how Prudential’s Retirement Modeller can help with DB transfers.

Graeme Ballantyne article -147x122

Make time for a spring refresh

Graeme Ballantyne, Business Consultancy Manager, investigates how making time for a spring refresh in your business can help you provide great outcomes for your clients as well as improving the effectiveness of your business operations.

Graeme Robb article-147x122

The man who ticked the wrong box and created a 779% tax charge

Graeme Robb, Senior Technical Manager, explores the Spring Budget



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