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Planning Matters: A family of case studies

Let’s face it, many aspects of financial planning involve a lot of technical detail. Here we introduce our family to help set the scene for the technical articles in this edition.

Articles 1-4 147x122

Tax year end planning for Annual Allowance

Last year end there was lots to think about in relation to planning. Clare Moffat, Senior Technical Manager, looks at what’s still relevant for this tax year end.

Articles 1-4 147x122

Tax year end planning: Tax allowances and exemptions

It's time to think about tax year end planning and fully maximise tax allowance and exemptions. Technical Manager Helen O'Hagan explores.

Articles 1-4 147x122

Planning now for the residence nil rate band

Graeme Robb, Senior Technical Manager, writes about the residence nil rate band and the advice opportunities it presents for you when tax year end planning with your clients.

Article 5 147x122

Is three a crowd?

The pension versus ISA debate has raged on and off for years. Les Cameron, Head of Technical, asks if three’s a crowd.

Article 6 147x122

And the hits just keep on coming!

No prizes for guessing where the title for this article comes from, as it's a pretty famous one. Paul Fidell, Head of Business Development (Investments) explores the expectations for investment markets.

Article 7 147x122

Active or passive management of your client bank?

Do you see using your back office systems as a chore? Graeme Ballantyne, Business Consultancy Manager, examines how you can use your client data to unlock business opportunities.

Article 8 147x122

Helping you demonstrate the value of financial advice

Business Development Manager Colin Simmons investigates the huge range of technical support Prudential provides advisers.



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