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Who's afraid of the Money Purchase Annual Allowance?

Despite expressions of concern from many within the industry, the government is pressing ahead with the reduction in the Money Purchase Annual Allowance.


The 'What' of Trusts - Gift Trust

The concept of trusts can be confusing and complex for many advisers.


CPIH - Taking the rise out of inflation?

As the Office for National Statistics changes its official inflation measure from CPI to CPIH, we take a brief look into the future to consider what this might mean for the uprating of official pensions and public service pensions.


Insurance bond part surrenders - new rules for 'wholly disproportionate' gains

The '5% rule' for insurance bonds is widely used and enjoyed by individuals and trustees


Probate Fees - a tax on bereavement?

Linking probate fees to the size of a person's estate is effectively a tax on bereavement. Families with large estates will now have to start considering ways to reduce the size of their estate before they die.

Questions from Technical Helpline - Pensions

Questions from the technical helpline - Pensions

Here are some of the common questions the technical helpline are asked about pensions.


Questions from Technical Helpline - Tax & Trusts

This edition continues with the theme of gifting and Inheritance tax.



Learning objectives and CPD test

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