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Public sector news and views Q1 2017

Despite the fact that the new career average arrangements for public service pension schemes have been operational for in excess of 2 years now, arrangements continue to be subject to tinkering, change and challenge.


The “What” of Trusts – Discounted Gift Trust

This is the third article in our trust series where we make the trust journey simple and less complex. Last month we looked at loan trusts and now we are now going to take a look at Discounted Gift Trusts (DGTs).


Investing for vulnerable clients

For those looking after the financial affairs of vulnerable individuals, the responsibility of managing someone else's money is onerous. In this article we explore the legal background to this common issue.


Annual Allowance charges and ‘Scheme Pays’ – what you need to know…

How do you get your Annual Allowance charge paid?

Questions from Technical Helpline - Pensions

Questions from the Technical Helpline - Pensions

Here are some of the common questions our Technical Helpline are asked about pensions


Questions from the Technical Helpline - Tax & Trusts

This month we will be looking at some of the common questions asked relating to assignments of life policies and bonds.


And finally

Has the floor fallen through for those with Capped Drawdown?



Learning objectives and CPD test

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