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Planning Matters - a family of case studies

Let's face it, many aspects of financial planning involve a lot of technical detail. At many of our face to face events we've had great success with bringing these technical opportunities to life through the use of practical case studies.

Our Planning Matters microsite brings together a fictional family and explores their planning needs through a detailed case study for each of them. To help set the scene, the case study for each family member includes their:

  • Pen portrait
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Income and expenditure

Meet the family

Margaret is the head of the family and has estate and inheritance tax (IHT) planning high on her agenda. Her case study covers things such as order of tax rules, dividends and savings income. It also looks at deed of variation and transferrable nil rate band planning.

John is one of Margaret's three sons. Having just become a new grandfather, he wants to make the most of his sizeable investment portfolio an defined benefit pension scheme so he can spend more time with his expanding family.

Gavin is another of Margaret's sons who has no dependants. Now an IT contractor, in his case study a historic DB transfer is reviewed to see why the decision was made to transfer. It also looks at salary and dividend methodology and save as you earn shares.

David is Margaret's youngest son and a successful business owner. His case study has two parts. One where we look at his corporate investing opportunities and the other focuses on his retirement provision, including how extracting profits from his company can fit in.

Jane is Margaret's daughter who is about to go through a divorce. Her mum has also asked her to act as a trustee. In her case study the mechanics of sharing assets is explored as well as the duties and responsibilities she will need to take on when becoming a trustee.

You can access all the case studies as well as get access to other relevant support material we have on our dedicated Planning Matters website.

Access our Case Studies Planning Matters Case Studies

The Planning Matters case studies are brought to you by our Technical Team. The combined team has more than 250 years' financial services experience and supports the adviser community in many ways. For example, their Technical Helpline alone is on course to take around 14,000 enquires from advisers this year.

The topics advisers commonly request help with include Inheritance tax, taxation of various tax wrappers, and trust issues - from trust administration issues to helping advisers identify what trusts may be suitable for their clients. Pensions planning is also proving problematic with advisers seeking help with annual allowance, transfers, tax relief and death benefit options. A lot of the stuff covered in the case studies!

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