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AKG's 2016 UK Life Office With-Profits Report

Now in its 21st year, AKG's comprehensive 2016 UK Life Office With Profits Report, contains analysis and assessments of with-profits funds that are active in the UK market at the end of December 2016.

With AKG's agreement extracts of their reports are available to download.

The first attachment covers the full set of with profits assessment pages for Prudential with a brief contextual introduction and AKG’s comment on Prudential Assurance Company. The second covers the introductory pages of the with profits reports which includes market background, trends etc. for those who want to read additional market context.

These reports are designed to assist advisers and other analysts to assess the merits of specific with-profits funds. The aim is to provide comprehensive, structured and consistent information accompanied by AKG's key analytical assessment of with-profits financial strength performance and transparency.

These reports provide an invaluable resource for intermediaries who are advising clients in the selection of with-profits providers.

For UK Adviser Use Only - Not Approved For Use With Clients