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You and your pension pot when you retire - a client friendly guide to retirement planning

The well-known independent retirement options expert Billy Burrows has published a new guide to the new pension freedoms entitled ‘You and your pension pot when you retire’.

Sponsored by Prudential this customer friendly guide is specifically aimed at individuals who are confused by the bewildering range of options and who will benefit from a guide that explains all the options and highlights the importance of regulated financial advice.

According to Billy Burrows, a former pension adviser with over 20 years’ experience of advising and now an independent pension commentator says; “it is simply too difficult for most people to make the right decisions without first speaking to an expert”. He goes on to explain that a specialist pension adviser can help individuals:

  • Understand the industry jargon and pensions terminology
  • Analyse the different options and the amount of tax payable
  • Ensure they make the right decisions and understand all the potential risks.

The guide explains the different types of experts including: pension companies, Pension Wise and financial advisers, but Billy points out there is no substitute for advice from a qualified and experienced financial adviser.

Billy Burrows says, “I have tried to get the right balance between providing detailed information about pension freedoms and keeping it simple. I have used a number of techniques such as my ‘top tips’, ‘rules of thumb’ and ‘watch out for’ to make the information easy to understand while at the same time explaining the options in sufficient detail”.

The guide introduces John and Mary, a fictional couple with average circumstances and considering many of the same questions that many people will be asking themselves.

Vince Smith-Hughes, Head of Business Development at Prudential says, “We identified a need for an independent and easy to read guide that made it really easy for people to understand all the different retirement options and encourages them to speak to a financial advisers”.

Download a copy of the 'You and your pension pot when you retire' guide.

For more information on the Flexible Retirement Plan, please see the guides on this page or speak to your Account Manager.

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