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M&G Property Portfolio and our related Prudential funds lift suspension from 4 November 2016

The M&G Property Portfolio suspension will be lifted from Friday 4 November 2016 and therefore customers will be able carry out transactions from this date.

Why is the suspension being lifted?

Conditions are such that the fund managers of the M&G Property Portfolio, in which the Prudential Property Funds listed below are wholly invested, are confident that the interests of investors are served best by lifting their suspension.

What does this mean for customers?

The Prudential Funds that invest in the M&G Property portfolio will also open for all transactions from 4 November 2016 and customers will be able to carry out all transactions from this date. If they have previously asked for a transaction to be carried out, and this has been suspended, we have written to them to explain the options available to them.

The Prudential funds that invest in the M&G Property Portfolio are:

  • Prudential Property Fund
  • Prudential Property (Inc) Fund
  • Prudential Property (ex Scot Am) Fund
  • Prudential FRIA Property Fund
  • Prudential Ex-DSF Property Fund
  • Prudential Property (ex M&G) Fund
  • PIA M&G Property Fund

For more information, please read our Q&A document.

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