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Portals & Contract Enquiry

We offer comparative illustrations and NB submissions for our core products through the leading industry portals, as detailed in the below table:

Illustrations & New Business Submission

Portal Retirement Account Flexible Retirement Plan Prudential Investment Plan

Contract Enquiry (Valuations)

Help and Assistance

Prudential's e-business helpdesk can help clarify the format of any specific policy numbers. The helpdesk can also provide a "bulk data download" at the beginning of this process to help "cleanse" your existing data so that the messages will be recognised by Prudential. Finally the helpdesk can help with the linking in of your office postcodes if you have multiple offices that the policies are registered to.

If you need help with any of these services please contact the eBusiness Helpdesk on 0808 234 5200 or

Calls may be monitored or recorded for quality and security purposes.

Prudential support industry standard Contract Enquiry links, which allow advisers to have real time valuation data sent direct to their back-office system. We currently have this in place with the following commonly used systems:

  • Assyst
  • Bluecoat Software
  • Capita Financial Software
  • Creative Technologies
  • Distribution Technology
  • Durell Software
  • Focus 360
  • Intelliflo (Intelligent Office)
  • IRESS Adviser Office
  • IRESS Exweb Gold
  • IRESS Officeweb
  • JCS
  • Plum Software
  • Quay Software
  • True Potential
  • SSP Swift

Data Quality

Making sure that the data you hold in your back office system is up-to-date, accurate and in the right format will help reduce any potential errors and speed up your online processing of business - which all makes for happy clients. To make sure you use the correct policy formats please refer to the table below -

Product Provider Product Sub Type/Name Contact Reference Format
Retirement Account Submitted business (account level)

Submitted business (sub-account level)
RET999999A99 for savings
RET999999D99 for income
Investment and Pension products originally sold through Scottish Amicable Life PLC before October 1997 (now re-branded as Prudential) xxx(AtoZ)(AtoZ)xxx e.g. 123AA456
Personal Pensions originally sold by Prudential's direct sales force 50000000 to 51999999 e.g. 50123456
Investment Bonds (including Prudence With Profits Bonds, Flexible Investment Plan (FIP), Personal Investment Plan (PIP) and Prufund) xxxxxx(AtoZ) e.g. 123456T
Note any segmentation information should be removed before sending the request. 123456T000-019 should have the 000-019 stripped out and only the 123456T put in the contract reference number field
Investment and Pension products originally sold through Scottish Amicable Life PLC before October 1997 (now re-branded as Prudential) Oxxxxxxx e.g. O1234567
Investment or Pension products originally sold through M&G (now re-branded as Prudential) (MorG)xxx(AtoZ)xxx e.g. M123G456
Prudential International policies E2xxxxxx(AorB) e.g. E2123456A


(UorS)xxxxxxB e.g. U123456B
Flexible Retirement Plans (AtoZ)xxx(AtoZ)xxx e.g. A123A123

Note: the first character will not be M or G.

Fund Code List

Important Information

We do not currently support contract enquiry valuations for Life products (i.e endowments) or Retirement Annuity Contracts.

Contract enquiry messages will work successfully if:

  • You have a valid Unipass certificate
  • You are the servicing adviser on the policy or have a valid Letter of Authority for information purposes only
  • The policy is still in force
  • We recognise your FSA number and branch postcode held in your Unipass certificate and these match the servicing adviser details
  • The policy number is shown in the correct format

If the contract enquiry message "fails" a message will be sent back clarifying the reason for the failure.

To make contract enquiry work correctly it is essential that the policy number sent (in the contract enquiry message) is in the correct format.

With regard to the Investment bonds, the policy number format should be as shown in the table and the policy number should not show the segment references at the end of the policy number (i.e. policy shown on your records as 123456T000-019 needs to have the segment numbers removed so that it just shows as 123456T in the message that is sent).


There are a small number of Bond and Personal Pension policy formats that are not supported currently.

Bond policy numbers with 8 digit numeric formats and begin with a 6 i.e. an example policy number would be 60123456.

Pension policies that begin with the letters "POO" and then have 6 numeric digits i.e. an example policy number would be POO123456.

For UK Adviser Use Only - Not Approved For Use With Clients