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Dynamic Portfolios

A range of portfolios to help target different levels of risk and potential return. They offer a unique combination of experts - Prudential Portfolio Management Group Ltd (PPMG) for asset allocation and Morningstar Investment Management Europe Ltd for fund recommendations.

Funds included:

  • Dynamic 0-30 Portfolio*
  • Dynamic 10-40 Portfolio*
  • Dynamic 20-55 Portfolio*
  • Dynamic 40-80 Portfolio*
  • Dynamic 60-100 Portfolio*

*These funds are also available as OEIC funds and Unit Linked versions. The OEIC versions of the funds are preceded by 'CF' to denote that they are managed by Capita. Offshore versions of these fund are preceded by 'PIA' to denote that they are managed offshore. Please be aware that the different fund entities may be subject to different charges.

Key points

  • Invests globally in a range of assets including equities, property, fixed interest and cash.
  • Invests using a range of single asset class funds that have been independently selected and recommended by Morningstar Investment Management Europe Ltd.
  • Morningstar recommend investment style 'blends' for the fund manager to implement.
Dynamic Portfolios
Asset allocation
  • PPMG recommend each portfolio's asset allocation.
  • When reviewing the asset allocation, PPMG consider their long term view of each type of asset the portfolio can hold and decide which ones to use in line with appropriate risk parameters.
  • M&G Investment Management Ltd, part of the Prudential Group, are the investment managers for the Dynamic Portfolios. They make the relevant adjustments to the portfolios based on PPMG's asset allocation recommendations.
  • Morningstar review the performance of the underlying fund managers - funds will be added or removed based on their recommendations.
  • PPMG evaluate Morningstar processes for reviewing fund managers annually.
  • There is no Prudential in-house bias to Morningstar selection and recommendation of the underlying funds being used.
Special Features
  • A choice between five risk managed funds.
  • Portfolios can be matched to the outcomes from different risk tools.
Product Availability
  Dynamic 0-30 Portfolio Dynamic 10-40 Portfolio Dynamic 20-55 Portfolio Dynamic 40-80 Portfolio Dynamic 60-100 Portfolio
Prudential Retirement Account** X X X X X
Flexible Retirement Plan X X X X X
OEIC funds* X X X X X
Prudential Investment Plan X X X X X
Prudential International Investment Bond X X X X X
Trustee Investment Plan X X X X X

*Capita Financial Managers are responsible for all the regulatory and legal aspects of the OEIC funds. Accordingly OEIC fund names are prefixed with "CF".

**The Prudential Retirement Account invests in the OEIC versions of the portfolios while the other products invest in the Unit Linked versions. The Unit Linked versions generally have a slightly larger proportion of their holdings in cash and may have different charging and taxation costs. This will mean their investment performance will be different to their OEIC equivalent.

This is not a comprehensive list of the availability of these funds. Please refer to the appropriate fund guide or product information pages for more information.

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