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A range of exciting products which will change the way you think about life insurance and the protection market.

  • Personal and Business protection
  • Innovative, flexible cover
  • Vitality - our healthy living programme

PruProtect is a partnership between Discovery, a South African insurer with a reputation for fresh thinking and Prudential, one of the most familiar and trusted financial providers in the UK. So, while our plans are innovative and designed for the way people live their lives today, they still come with the stability and financial security of a company that's been successful for more than 150 years.


  • Innovative - Vitality Optimiser is PruProtect's latest innovation which changes the way your client's standard protection premiums work, and means they get more benefits from Vitality
  • Market leading - Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover for 166 listed conditions and Primary Cover for 102 - compared to 40 covered by a typical critical illness policy
  • Award-winning - Five-star Defaqto rated Comprehensive Income Protection Cover that provides a market leading range of benefits and innovative features

Types of cover

  • Life Cover
  • Serious Illness Cover
  • Income Protection Cover
  • Family Income Cover
  • Education Cover
  • Health Cover
  • Disability Cover
  • Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children

Want to know more?

To find out more about PruProtect, visit or call 0808 234 3000.


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