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Annual Benefit Statements – adviser copies switch-off for legacy products

We’ve listened to feedback from advisers about the amount of paper you receive and that you’re just as conscious about the environment as your clients and we are.

We no longer issue advisers copies of clients’ Annual Benefit Statement for some of our legacy products

Why did we do this?

By switching this function off we believe we are saving a significant amount of paper, printing, air, train and road journeys that these currently count towards.

Clients will continue to receive their copy but can, if they wish, switch off receiving postal copies. They can do this by logging on to MyPru - they’ll need to register for this service if they’ve not already done so. 

How do I get the information?

You’ll still be able to view valuations online for the majority of our legacy products. To do this, please visit the online valuations section on PruAdviser.

We appreciate there may be times that you’ll need a copy of the Annual Benefit Statement. So, in these circumstances, you can request these when they’re needed by one of these options:

The routes to receiving a copy are by:

  • For an email copy call us: 0808 234 0808  for Income Drawdown please call: 0808 234 2372 (Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm) 
  • For a postal copy email us: – please note you’ll need to be registered with Pru Secure email.

Listed below are the legacy products impacted by this change.


Prufund Investment Plan Prudential Investment Plan 
Distribution Bond Prudential Abbey National Bond
Flexible Investment Plan  Prudence Managed Investment Bond
Prospects Bond Prudence Establishment Charge Bond
Prubond Capital Investment Portfolio
Prudence Bond Prudential Flexible Investment Plan
PruFund ISA
Vanbrugh Life products – CIP , FIP, PH Launch Bond, Private Portfolio


Extrapension Ex M&G - Employed Personal Pension Plan
Extrapension Term Assurance Ex M&G - Employed Personal Retirement Account
Flexible Retirement Plan Ex M&G - Flexible Pension Plan
Flexible Retirement Portfolio Ex M&G - FSAVC
Flexipension Ex M&G - Guaranteed Pension Plan
Free Standing AVC Plan Ex M&G - Law Society Retirement Plan
Flexible Income Drawdown Plan Ex M&G - Managed Income
Indepension Ex M&G - Personal Pension Plan - Self Employed
Pension Choices Plan Ex M&G - Personal Transfer Plan
Personal Pension Plan Ex M&G - Self-Employed Personal Pension Plan - recurring single & regular
Personal Pension Policy Ex M&G - Self-Employed Personal Retirement Account
Personal Retirement Investment Plan  Ex M&G - Society of Authors
Self Employed Deferred Annuity Ex M&G - Term Assurance Flexible Pension Plan
Stakeholder Personal Pension Plan 
Trustee Investment Plan
Premier Section 32 Plan (Post 31/12/2002)
Premier Section 32 Plan (Pre 31/12/2002)
Section 32 (Series A)
Section 32 Buy Out (Individual)

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