Retirement Account’s online functionality

We want to make it clear what servicing can be done fully online, and outline the support we have available for you, if you need it, as we continue to work through COVID 19. 

Current service status

If you have any queries once logged into our Retirement Account relating to an existing policy, call our contact centre on 0800 640 9200 (open from 8:30am till 6:00pm, Monday – Friday). If it's a new business case, please contact your usual sales support team.

Our current status on Retirement Account servicing:

  • We will be maximising our online resources, such as IVR and our call back facilities to reduce call wait times and abandonment rates
  • We will be making every effort to maintain our SLAs around money in and money out and will flag any potential delays in the event of reduced resource
  • Back office performance remains stable on critical transactions

Online services

In the face of the current social distancing rules enforced by Covid-19, our Retirement Account has been made more resilient to help you manage your clients business online in these uncertain times.

Setting up a new Retirement Account policy for a client on our enhanced journey is a signatureless process, meaning there is no need to send us any client declaration. 

Where existing clients wish to top up their policy or increase regular contributions, we have introduced a temporary measure, by which we do not need the client declaration. Instead, advisers can complete the top up adviser declaration and send this via our secure email portal to We cannot accept this documentation in any other manner.

We have also detailed below all transactions that you can carry out online.

Money In (NBS & Top Up)  Money Out - Taxable Income   Money Out - Phased Drawdown  Money Out - Drawdown Money Out - Single UFPLS Money Out  - Regular UFPLS
Transfers Start Start Full crystallisation Key request Start
Single Contributions* Stop** Stop Partial crystallisation   Stop
Regular Contributions* Increase        

*client, employer & 3rd party contributions 

**When stopping a taxable income request, please change this to suspended. Do not change the value amount to 0. Change the value to ‘suspended’.

Money In - Regular Contribsutions Trading New Business Tracker* Client Servicing Policy Servicing Adviser Servicing 
Start Buy Transfers In Change address View current value Download remuneration history for each agency 
Stop Sell Contributions Add client email address Obtain backdated valuations/portfolio performance Download report for all clients with RA policy
Decrease Switch Money Out Update contact details

View transaction/contribution/withdrawal/

adviser charge history for each sub account

Download bulk valuation
Increase (via top up)       Convert existing capped drawdown Download list of all clients with money in Cash
Restart (via top up)       View all correspondence issued  Download list of all clients
          Dowload list of client who have received correspodence within specied time period 

*available for those cases keyed on the new online journey

Market Updates and Covid-19 Response

We understand that both you and your clients are facing into unprecedented challenges like never before. Our new hub provides guidance and information to support you through this difficult time.

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