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The funds we've highlighted with our quarterly life and individual pension unit linked review 

We're now making the results of our quarterly life and individual pension unit linked review available.

In this we'll provide information on the funds that we've identified for further investigation but we're happy they are doing what we expect and those that we are planning to close.

The review we undertake includes various checks and tests and, where needed, meetings with fund managers.

This document  will be updated on a quarterly basis. We'll also be making this available to your clients on

Some further information on our review process

Governance and monitoring of life and individual pension unit linked funds

We are responsible for the governance and monitoring of our insured fund range.

One of the main tools we use in meeting that obligation is the quarterly review process, carried out by our Investment Manager Oversight Team.

Every three months a list covering all of our insured funds is produced and discussed from a performance and investment management perspective.

Our  process

The process covers both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

This includes performance monitoring vs inflation, vs benchmark and vs peer group across multiple periods. At the current time there are over forty different measures used to come up with an overall rating on a fund. If a fund is ”flagged” we'll look at it in greater detail. This may involve meeting the fund manager to get their views.

If, after that further investigation, we're satisfied that the fund should remain open to our investors, we’ll take no further action. If we're not then we’ll consider whether we need to close the fund and move existing investors to another fund choice.

Sharing what we think

On a quarterly basis we'll share information on the funds that we investigated but are now happy with and those that we plan to close.

We think it's important to share what we're currently thinking about these funds. And we hope this can be useful information for you. 

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