Retirement Account Series E - October 2018 PruFund Investment Date information 

Today we’re applying a downwards Unit Price Adjustment (UPA) to one of our Retirement Account Series E PruFund funds:

PruFund 40-80 Fund -2.51%

UPAs have not been applied to any of our other Series E PruFund funds at this time.

Monthly reviews

Each month we schedule a  PruFund Investment Date (PFID) for the Series E PruFund range of funds for Retirement Account investments.

UPAs reflect the actual past performance of each PruFund fund and the smoothing approach followed. If the unsmoothed price differs from the smoothed price by 5% or more at the monthly PFID, there will be a UPA.

As each Series E PruFund fund has a different asset allocation, only some funds may have a UPA.

We'll follow this process on each PFID, other than when the month-end coincides with the quarter-end dates. So November’s review will be incorporated into the quarterly EGR/UPA communications.

The PruFund smoothing process is explained in detail in the PruFund smoothing process guide.

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