How we manage investments

How we manage investments

The success of Prudential's funds is a result of M&G Treasury & Investment Office’s (T&IO) multi-asset expertise and a robust investment philosophy.

  • Well established approach

  • Depth of specialism

  • Specialist fund managers


T&IOs Investment Philosophy

The key to delivering long term stable returns is driven by how well the underlying drivers of risk and return are managed in a portfolio.

Every investment decision T&IO make is the result of an approach developed over many years which has led to well established beliefs and attributes.

The investment philosophy allows T&IO to add value from a combination of different areas:


Investment expertise

We're hands-on, proactive and collaborative in our approach to decision-making.

We conduct in-house research and modelling, driving insights exclusive to us.

We demand a depth of specialism at every stage of the investment process.

Specialism at every stage

T&IO are one of the best resourced multi asset teams in the UK. It includes experts in macro-economic analysis, specialists in strategic - and tactical - asset allocation, actuaries and investment strategists and an 8-strong Manager Oversight Team. The Manager Oversight Team works closely with specialist fund managers, each hand-picked by T&IO. They also have access to the expertise of M&G Investments and M&G Real Estate.

A team of complementary specialists in...
How the investor benefits

In-house capital market research and modelling

Our proprietary analysis tools and research allow a deeper understanding of underlying asset classes’ behaviours over time.

In-house scenario modelling

A key differentiator, we use proprietary analysis and tools to model the risks, returns and correlations between asset classes, educating decisions in SAA.

Portfolio Construction

A reputation for creating robust and diversified portfolios that support long-term value and reduce risk.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Our core specialism. Driving performance and decreasing volatility for investors over time.

Alternative Asset Allocation

Access to non-traditional asset classes including private equity, infrastructure and hedge funds, which enable solutions for clients not available with other providers.

Specialist Fund Management

With T&IO focusing on underlying asset selection, we’re able to employ fund managers who specialise in specific asset classes or markets.

Risk and Compliance

Our ‘three lines of defence’ approach minimises risk for both advisers and their clients.

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