How T&IO manage money

There are many multi-asset teams out there; all of them trying to do the best for their clients and facing the same challenges. The difference between them is often more about how they go about things, rather than the results they achieve.

Over many years, T&IO has invested considerable time, effort and resource into making sure processes around both Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) and Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) are as efficient and effective as possible - with the prime focus on client outcomes.

The anatomy of long-term asset allocation provides an insight in to the SAA process and its outcomes. It also describes T&IO's approach to formulating Capital Market Assumptions and asset class modelling.

PruFund Growth Fund and Cautious Fund 2019 Strategic Asset Allocation Review.

T&IO's fundamental approach, supported by the considerable financial strength of Prudential, is to operate as long-term investors. This allows them to invest in illiquid 'alternative' asset classes with different risk and return characteristic to a portfolio, often with low correlation to traditional assets classes like equities, that might not be available to other retail investors.

Why Prudential for Risk Managed Funds?

What drives us together is passion to solve a common problem - how do we go about modelling the nature, the behaviour of capital markets? And that is a pretty tough question to solve.

A seamless investment process

T&IO's investment process is based on both strategic macro asset allocation and tactical asset allocation. These are based on their in house research and proprietary economic scenario modelling tool.

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