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Leaving a legacy

Leaving a legacy

Get information for having conversations with your clients that are looking at leaving a legacy for their loved ones.

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  • Practical guidance for clients who want to leave a legacy


What should you talk about when it comes to leaving a legacy?

In this section we explore some of the ways your client can plan for leaving a legacy. And how they can put provisions in place to ensure their wishes are met when they're no longer around.

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Leaving a Legacy


Get information for having conversations with your clients that are looking at leaving a legacy for their loved ones.

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Leaving a pension to a loved one may be an option.

Expression of wishes

It’s important that a pension policyholder completes their ‘expression of wishes’ form to nominate who they would want their pensions benefits to be paid to on their death.

Probate trusts

Probate trusts are suitable for clients who currently have no inheritance tax liability and don't anticipate having one in the future. It's for clients who have a small estate and they want their family to have easy access to their estate on their death.

Married couples and tax

Married/civil couples have certain tax exemptions.


Gifting assets to reduce the size of an individual’s estate could be an option to reduce a potential inheritance tax bill.

Business property relief

Business property relief is a valuable inheritance tax relief for business owners whether making a lifetime transfer or on death.

Charity giving

Gift aid is a tax-efficient way of gifting to charities.


One of the first steps to leaving a legacy is making a Will. Without one an individual’s estate will be subject to intestacy rules. Once your client has a Will in place it's important it's kept up to date if and when circumstances change. 

Funeral plan

Having a funeral plan in place will not only help with the costs – so family and friends aren’t left with a big bill to pay. But it also means when the time comes your client will have the funeral they planned the way they would want it.

Case study

By carefully preparing and planning a multi-wrapper solution for clients with capital/disposable income to invest, we can help them achieve in excess of £50,000pa tax-free.

Conversation starter

In this section you’ll find support to help you with your client conversations.

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