Prudential ISA Online Support

Our new ISA online service is now live

Real time tracking of applications, bulk valuation downloads and up to date details of your client’s ISA including; valuation, transactions and documents all at the click of a button.

Your existing Prudential ISA On-line Services login details are all you need to access the new service. If you don’t have login details read the FAQ below.


How do I get access to the new online services?

If you’ve accessed Prudential ISA online services previously, you’ll be able to use your existing log in details to access our new site. If your password has expired, you can immediately reset and access the new system.

If you haven’t used our Prudential ISA online services before but have an active agency number, please contact Link directly on 0344 335 8936 (option 1, option 1). They will then arrange for registration emails to be sent to you.

If you’ve not carried out business with Link before, you’ll need to go through the standard set up process. Just send an email requesting access to the new online service to providing the following details:

  • your name
  • name of the agency
  • the agencies postal address
  • the agencies FCA Code
  • your IRN Code
  • your personal email address
  • the email address for adviser charge statements to be emailed to
  • the bank details that adviser fee’s should be paid to

If the agency is under a network please provide the following:

  • the name of the network
  • the networks FCA Code

Due to the FCA no longer providing information regarding authorised advisers Link require an email from a company registered email address confirming that the you are able and authorised to provide financial advice. 

If you are an Independent Financial Adviser, we require confirmation that you work independently.

I’ve not received my emails so cannot register for my account. Can these be re-sent?

Yes of course, contact Customer Services at Link on 0344 335 8936 (option 1, then 1 again).

My client has not received their emails. Can these be re-sent?

Yes of course, you can re-send these by accessing your client’s ISA through your dasboard and then using the 'Re-send one-time link email' in the 'Case tracking' section.

I’ve forgotten my password or memorable word. What do I do?

If you can’t remember your password or memorable word select the “Forgotten your password?” or “Forgotten your memorable word” link on the Login Welcome page.  You will be asked for your email address. Upon submitting this information, you will be sent an email containing a link to reset your details.

Can I share an email address with somebody else to register for an account?

No. In order to use the online service, each user must have an individual, unique email address. 

The online service has been designed to provide each customer with access to view information on their ISA, such as the valuation and transaction history, it’s also used as the means to inform them about important information on their ISA and provide their documents as they won’t receive paper correspondence through the post.

We appreciate many couples use a shared email address, so if you have client’s like this and they both have a Prudential ISA, an additional email address will be required to ensure both can access their ISAs using an email address that is unique to them.    

My client doesn’t have an email address. Can I use my own (adviser) email address for their details?

No. Your client will need set up their own email address. As the Prudential ISA is a digital service and we’ll no longer be sending correspondence to customers via post, it’s important we have an email address for your client to inform them when they have important documents to review.    

How do I get a valuation report for my client?

There’s two ways you can get a valuation report for your client.

You can access the 'Client record' page of your client’s Prudential ISA through your 'Dashboard' where you’ll be able to see;

  • a valuation breakdown showing the the current value broken down by each investment held and the units/shares and unit/share price of each investment held
  • and from the 5th June you’ll be able to access and print a Client report showing the total value of your client’s Prudential ISA, which will also show;
    • each investment held and it’s value
    • the units/shares for each investment held
    • the current unit/share price for each investment held
    • the investments paid to your client’s Prudential ISA in the current tax year
    • the total investments paid to your client’s Prudential ISA since it started, and
    • the total withdrawals taken fromyour client’s Prudential ISA.

You can also use the 'Download all client valuations' option on your 'Dashboard'. This produces an excel csv file of all your Prudential ISA clients showing the information detailed for the Client report above.

Is there anything I can’t process on the new online service?

Yes. If the application you wish to process includes any of the following you’ll have to continue using the relevant paper application process.

Use the Prudential ISA Application Form if;

  • The application will include a payment as a gift from a third party as part of a new ISA application or a top-up to an existing client’s ISA
  • Your client has a Power of Attorney in place
  • Your client has had a deputy appointed by the Court of Protection
  • Your client is currently living outside of the UK

Use the Switching from an OEIC into an ISA Form if;

  • Your client has an LFS OEIC and wishes to sell some or all of those holdings and pay them into their Prudential ISA.

Use the following form(s) for Additional Permitted Subscriptions (APS)

Additional FAQ

For more questions covering some more technical aspects of the system as well as information about client notifications see our additional FAQ document.


To assist with the new online service we present our videos to walk you through all the new elements.

Key documents

Some of the documents for The Prudential ISA, such as application forms, servicing forms and fund information documents, are only available on the Link Financial website.

Want to know more about our new online service?

Find out all about the features and benefits of using our new service.


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