FinTech Webinar week

Technology is changing the way financial advisers work and it’s also changing what clients expect from their advisers. The purpose of these sessions was to demonstrate some of the technology available and how these tools could increase your clients engagement and trust by helping to achieve their goals. Prudential’s Business Development Manager, Colin Simmons was joined on each session by experts from the following – Intelliflo, CashCalc, O&M, Voyant and Origo.

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FinTech – Intelliflo
Session: 16 July 2019

James Richards has worked for Intelliflo for 11 years and in the wider financial services arena for 19 years working for both product providers and independent financial advisers. Intelliflo has been providing information technology services to financial services companies since its formation in 2004. James ran through a high level introduction to the Intelligent Office product and looked at ways business management systems can benefit IFA companies through the use of automated practices and the effective use of technology.

FinTech – CashCalc
Session: 17 July 2019

Ray Adams is a practicing Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and director at CashCalc, UK’s leading provider of cash flow planning software. He believes that technology can play a vital role in financial planning, helping advisers provide their clients with straightforward and engaging outputs.

FinTech – O&M Systems
Session: 17 July 2019

In this session Michael McQuillan went through the flexibility and power of O&M’s modelling scenarios, asking plain English questions of the system and getting equally client friendly output. He also looked at TVC & APTA and an update on the pension switching within O&M Profiler.

FinTech – Voyant
Session: 17 July 2019

Bob Freeman is Chief Operating Officer and a founding Director of Voyant UK. Voyant is a global leader in the provision of interactive and collaborative financial planning tools for advisers and wealth managers.

FinTech – Origo
Session: 18 July 2019

Origo is a leading FinTech company based in Edinburgh, dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of the UK’s financial services industry. They work collaboratively with financial services companies to develop solutions and services to transform operational efficiencies for all market participants, ultimately improving financial outcomes for the consumer.

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