Majoring on the Macro - Learning Matters Webinar

Session: 3 December – 2.00pm

Joint webinar with M&G and Prudential bringing together Financial Planning and an Economic Update. This webinar is for those that couldn’t make one of our seminars that took place across the UK.

Financial Planning

  • Prudential's Investment Business Development experts talked about 'members of the family' and the most effective tax wrappers for them. They brought planning opportunities to life through the use of case studies, focusing on making the most of allowances, exemptions and tax wrappers.

Economic Update

  • A macroeconomic update from M&G's CII accredited trainer Julian Hince who covered key market and asset class themes.

By attending this session we will aim to cover the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the current key macroeconomic environment. 
  • Understand the importance of considering both tax position and potential for returns when constructing an investment portfolio and the interaction of the two.
  • Describe the “order of taxation” when considering different types of investment return.
  • Understand and describe the taxation treatment of different types of investment.

Presenter: Julian Hince - Technical Development Director 

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