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Tax sometimes is taxing, but there's welcome 'reliefs' from that

Session: 14 January 2020

On this webinar, Mark Devlin, Technical Manager will cover what you need to know for pension tax year end planning for members, third parties and employees.

Get your tax year end AA ready - Pension Annual Allowance that is

Session: 15 January 2020

On this webinar, Barrie Dawson, Technical Specialist looks at the key features of tax year end pension Annual Allowance planning including the best way to identify pension input amounts, the impact of Money Purchase Annual Allowance and tapered Annual Allowance and finally how carry forward provisions can help now and in the future.

It's not all about the pension - CGT and IHT at tax year end

Session: 16 January 2020

Neil MacLeod, Technical Specialist looks at how the Inheritance Tax (IHT) gifting exemptions are applied to gifts during the tax year end and considerations when using them. He'll also cover calculating capital gains and planning around the Annual Exempt amount.

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