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Can you take the tax out of politics or the politics out of tax?

Session: 24 September 2020

The last couple of years have been dominated with the run up to Brexit. And then into 2020 along came Covid. 

In the financial planning world there hasn’t been much in the way of tax changes of late, but there have been several consultations looking at potential for change in the tax system.  But consultations are just looking for recommendations on how things could be simplified, or information on how the tax system is currently affecting your clients’ behaviours.   

Tax changes are a matter of policy so a matter for politicians. 

With one eye on a potential Autumn Budget, Vince Smith-Hughes, Director of Specialist Business Support; Les Cameron, Head of Technical, and Michael Collins, Director of Government Affairs talk through the current state of the nation and the factors that will drive where we might end up next.   

This session should help you gain a better understanding of: 

  • What this could mean for your clients and what actions could be taken now 
  • The current political, economic and tax landscape and how it could affect financial planning. 

Gain up to 60 minutes structured CPD. 

Series E monthly update

Session: 25 September 2020

On this webinar Paul Fidell, Senior Business Development Manager will look at the recent performance on the Series E version of PruFund.

Ensure your CIP stands the test of time

Session: 1 October 2020

Centralised Investment Propositions (CIPs) are common practice now amongst most adviser firms.  According to The Lang Cat, 82% of firms operate one.  As the title suggests, how can you ensure that your CIP is future proof and will stand up to the test of time?  In line with the regulator, an adviser firm will need to ensure that their CIP is managed, reviewed and continues to meet client outcomes.  In this webinar Catriona McInally will look back at the regulatory backdrop, pressures of CIP, and consider the challenges faced.  Then, given the increasing use of ‘passive’ solutions, Michael Watt (T&IO) will discuss current investment themes and our approach to multi asset investing in the passive space.

The session should help you gain a better understanding of:

  • Adviser centralised investment propositions and the challenges faced
  • The key regulatory issues impacting on the centralised investment propositions
  • The key issues impacting on the investment world
  • How evolving capital markets can be captured in multi asset investing

Gain up to 60 minutes structured CPD

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