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Our seminars are designed to inform and educate on a wide variety of topics. Below you'll find a list of our latest live seminars to register for. Plus access to recordings of our "Managing Future Risk" seminars.

Seminar recordings

The 2022 Landscape Virtual Seminars - a four-part series

Part 1 - M&G Wealth Landscape

27 April 2022

On this session we heard directly from some of our senior leadership team to learn about the exciting plans for M&G Wealth and Pru in 2022, an insight to our future direction as a digital, 21st century, market leading company and why this would be relevant to your business.

Part 2 - Planning Landscape

28 April 2022

In our second session Les Cameron, Head of Technical at M&G Wealth, spoke about the impact of changes to dividend taxation, national insurance and corporation tax on three key areas of financial planning.

Gain up to 90 minutes structured CPD accredited by CII and CISI.

Part 3 - Investment Landscape

4 May 2022

Part 3 of our 2022 Landscape Virtual Seminars saw Mark Rigall, Head of Client Potfolio Management at T&IO, host a lively interactive panel debate with our investment specialists and portfolio managers. 

Gain up to 90 minutes structured CPD accredited by CII and CISI.

Part 4 - Regulatory Landscape 

5 May 2022

On the final session we had experts Peter Lovegrove of Grant Thornton, Ricky Nuttall of Simplybiz and Ross Linton of Bankhall who discussed the imminent FCA Consumer Duty rules and guidance. They all gave different perspectives on the requirements and what actions are needed.

Gain up to 90 minutes CPD accredited by CII and CISI.

Finding answers to future problems

Part 1 - PruFund Planet - Fund spotlight 

10 November 2021

In our first session, we brought our PruFund Planet strategy to life by explaining how Planet invests, outlining the multi-asset building blocks. We also 'lifted the bonnet' on the M&G Positive Impact Fund and the M&G Better Health fund, both of which are part of the equity allocation in PruFund Planet.

Gain up to 60 minutes structured CPD accredited by CII and CISI.

Part 2 - The power of PruFund - Retirement income and drawdown

18 November 2021

In this session, we explored some of the key retirement income planning myths uncovering the key considerations when developing retirement income plans and how to ensure your clients have a plan that delivers the outcomes they are looking to achieve, in a way they understand. We showed you how PruFund is different to other multi-asset funds, especially in the asset allocation arena. And we explained how we set the EGR, how the asset allocation reduces volatility, and why the fund has been so popular for clients looking for steady retirement income. 

Gain up to 60 minutes structured CPD accredited by CII and CISI. 

Part 3 - Beyond COP26 - what next for government policy on sustainability in the UK and around the world

24 November 2021

In our final session we discussed the main themes and considerations for the UK Government following the COP26 Climate Change Conference. 

Gain up to 60 minutes structured CPD accredited by CII and CISI.

To wrap or not to wrap - that is the question

21 October 2021

In days gone by, choosing between bonds and Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)was often seen as an investment decision. And to this day there are some investments that cannot be held as an OEIC and instead need to be held within a tax wrapper. But in this modern world of open architecture, OEICs can be held directly by the individual or indirectly through a tax wrapper.

On this virtual seminar, Les Cameron, Head of Technical at Prudential, Graeme Robb, Senior Technical Manager and Vince Smith-Hughes, Director of Specialist Business Support, explored and debated the pros and cons of holding OEICs either directly, or indirectly through an insurance bond tax wrapper through a series of case studies. 

Future-proofing Fridays 

Part 1 - 'Future-proofing your business for sale'

17 September 2021

‘The best day to plan for an exit from your business is the day you start it. The second-best day is today’.

Having navigated the difficult process of building and selling their respective regulated advice businesses, we’ve teamed up with Victoria and Brian of City & Capital Acquisitions who provided insight into the acquisition landscape, and to help you view your business through the eyes of an acquirer. They are candid about the opportunities that exist, and clearly outline often simple fixes to improve business attractiveness, but also reveal some of the minefields and trip hazards both pre and post-sale, that ultimately result in a successful exit, or not.

This is an informative session designed to instill confidence for the complex process ahead, build a better understanding of how to get your business ready for succession and/or exit and to improve your business valuation and attractiveness, whether you are seeking a sale imminently, or whether you are building with the ultimate end in mind.

Gain up to 60 minutes structured CPD accredited by CII and CISI.

Part 2 - 'Future-proofing your pension advice processes'

24 September 2021

In an industry that’s continually changing, keeping abreast of everything isn’t always easy. We all understand the risks associated with retirement planning – you advise clients in this space every day. But how do you get there, and what does the regulator say when it comes to your business and the processes you have in place?

With such a focus on expanding your centralised investment proposition into a centralised retirement proposition, you may be asking yourself what difference it makes and do you need to have one. And of course, could this affect your clients and their desired outcomes.

Two of our Pension Business Development Managers, Kirsty Anderson and Andrew Nash, led this discussion, debating and challenging the key areas affecting advice firms today. They reflected on what’s happened in the last 12 months and what this could mean in the future. 

Ultimately, everything you do as a firm flows into your advice processes – so how do you evidence client understanding and demonstrate the risks associated with investment planning?

Gain up to 60 minutes structured CPD accredited by CII and CISI.

Part 3 - 'Future-proofing your Legacy planning' 

1 October 2021

The latest statistics on Inheritance Tax (IHT) show that cash comprises just under a quarter of the assets held by taxpaying estates.

With over 96% of taxpaying estates holding cash and an expected £5.5 trillion of assets expected to pass down the generations in the next two decades, this is a wonderful opportunity for advisers to get involved in future-proofing clients’ wealth.

That is, getting your wealth to the right people at the right time with an acceptable amount of tax.

On this seminar, Les Cameron – Head of Technical, looked at the key building blocks of an IHT strategy and where standard insurance company trusts fit in. He was joined by Technical Managers Graeme Robb, Neil MacLeod and Barrie Dawson who put the case forward for a gift trust, a loan trust and a discounted gift trust, explaining why their trust should be getting the money from three different case studies.

Gain up to 60 minutes structured CPD accredited by CII and CISI.

PruFund Planet - a world of good

12 August 2021

Vince Smith-Hughes – Director, Specialist Business hosted the seminar, and he was joined by four of our investment experts – Cat McInally, Investment Business Development Manager, Ben Hamilton and Olivia Trevor - Investment Manager Oversight Analysts and Michael Watt, Investment Director.

The panel discussed what makes PruFund Planet different to other Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)-friendly funds available in the market and how the wider ESG market is developing. This included the practicalities of helping clients decide what may be appropriate for them, whilst also providing a robust suitability process with ESG embedded within it to complement clients’ other goals and objectives.

They also talked about the investment ‘building blocks’ of PruFund Planet and the part it plays in the wider PruFund universe.

Watch the recording and get a Certificate of Attendance.

Onshore... Offshore - you decide!

6 July 2021

Onshore or Offshore? It's an age old question when it comes to insurance bonds.

On this seminar, Les "Offshore" Cameron, Head of Technical and Graeme "Onshore" Robb, Senior Technical Manager, looked at the different tax and advice issues with onshore and offshore bonds.

Having covered the issues, Vince "I'm neutral" Smith-Hughes, Director of Specialist Business Support introduced an individual, company and trustee client and asked the audience to decide onshore or offshore. Les and Graeme then explained why they should get the business. Will you change your mind and what will win - on or off? 

Learning Outcome - to understand:

  • The respective merits and tax treatment of both Onshore and Offshore bonds with respect to individuals, trustees and corporates.

Gain up to 60 minutes structured CPD accredited by CII and CISI.

Previewing the review for clients in SIPP drawdown

9 June 2021

With the introduction of pension preedoms and with it, the rising demand for DB transfers and DC consolidation, the last five years has seen low-cost SIPPs become even more popular with investors and advisers. The attraction of wider investment choice combined with increased flexibility has helped drive this demand, but with it a more complex advice process. With the recent market volatility, future uncertainty and changing client circumstances - couple with ever changing regulation - it's time to simplify advice for retiring and retired individuals. 

On this seminar we've team up with Brewin Dolphin and XPS Self Invested Pensions, and looked at what advisers should be considering when conducting client income drawdown reviews - challenging the thought process on three critical questions of a review: Is it still meeting the client's objectives and needs; Is the income still sustainable; Is the investment still suitable? We also explored different investment techniques, products available and share best practice from the recent FCA finalised guidance on DB transfer, and what it could mean for drawdown advice.

Learning Outcomes - to understand: 

  • Blending investment strategies for drawdown 
  • Drawdown reviews
  • The lessons we can learn from the FCA DB guidance for drawdown advice
  • Whether it's worth taking investment risk if close to or at the LTA?

Gain up to 60 minutes structured CPD accredited by CII and CISI.

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