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Shining bright for 15 years

We're celebrating 15 years of the PruFund Growth Life Fund.

A fund that’s endured geo-political uncertainty, imitation, choppy markets and still managed to deliver over the long term. And now approaching £50 billion assets under management (as at 30 June 2019).    

What are PruFund funds?

An established family of multi-asset funds with diversification at its heart. Designed to spread the risk of your client’s investment and aims to grow their money whilst smoothing the investment journey. All our PruFunds are expertly managed by our Treasury and Investment Office (T&IO). One of the largest and most well-resourced in the UK retail market.

Since the launch of PruFund Growth in 2004, we've evolved the PruFund family, broadening the choice of investment solutions by offering PruFund Cautious and five Risk Managed 'smoothed' PruFunds.

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Managing volatility

PruFund has two advantages here:

  • Its smoothing mechanism can help to protect your client's investment from the impact of short term market volatility    
  • Its diverse asset allocation spreads risk and helps to avoid concentration of exposure in different asset classes and geographical locations. 

View the latest PruFund performance of the funds and the diverse mix of assets for PruFund Growth Life fund. The value of any investment can go down as well as up so your clients might get back less than they paid in.

Time in the market, not market timing

No-one can confidently predict when a stock market fall may happen. But what we do know is when it occurs it can cause irrational fear which can drive poor client decisions to sell at the wrong time.

All PruFunds are designed with a long term view (10-15 years). The timeline shown here gives you an idea of market events over the last 15 years, how the PruFund Growth Fund has fared and how the smoothing mechanism has kicked in. Take a look at the interactive timeline.

Diversification is at the heart of all PruFund funds. This sand chart demonstrates just how globally diversified the PruFund Growth fund is, how it’s better protected against market volatility and able to take advantage of market opportunities in specific assets, i.e. African equity or alternative assets.

For current performance and fund fact sheets please use the fund reporting tool.

Interactive Timeline

Managing PruFund

A combination of an established smoothing process, global diversification and fund management expertise - Our PruFund funds aim to provide your clients’ with a smoothed investment journey.

Growth rates

Expected Growth Rates (EGRs) - a forward looking projection of the investment returns that we expect the fund to deliver over that quarter.
Latest PruFund fund EGRs    


Access to the asset allocation and investment expertise of the Treasury and Investment Office (T&IO), who manage around £175bn of Assets Under Management (as at 30 June 2019). 


Choice of seven multi-asset PruFund funds helps cater for different attitudes to risk and capacity for loss.

PruFund funds are invested in the Prudential With-Profits fund which is one of the largest in the UK.

How does PruFund work?

There are 2 parts to how the fund works:

1. Spreading the risks of your clients investment
2. The smoothing process

This animation, which you can share with your clients, helps to explain.

Here's a client guide to the PruFund smoothing process, and a separate one for the Retirement Account

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Tools and resources

These items may be helpful for due dilligence when considering PruFund funds for your client's 

Daring to be different

The Investment Engine - T&IO

Many investment houses have asset allocation teams who decide the proportions of monies to be invested across the asset classes. Prudential don’t do that! The skills, expertise and investment philosophy of T&IO avoid a ‘herd mentality’.

T&IO believe there are three key differentiators which set them apart from other fund managers:

  • Resource applied to asset allocation
  • Investment philosophy
  • Robust governance framework

These and other attributes are better explained by the team themselves in these short videos.

Michael Howard

Michael Howard (Head of Alternatives)

Michael Howard, head of alternatives at M&G plc discusses his role and provides insight into some of the unique alternatives assets we invest in that underpin our portfolios.

Parit Jakhria

Parit Jakhria (Director of Long-Term Investment Strategy)

Parit Jakhria, Director of long-term investment strategy at the M&G Treasury and Investment Office, discusses his role and how we align our long-term investment strategy with our clients aims and objectives.

Ciaran Mulligan

Ciaran Mulligan (Head of Investment Management Oversight)

Ciaran Mulligan, head of investment management oversight at the M&G Treasury and Investment Office, discusses his role and provides insight into our internal and external governance and due diligence processes.

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