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Our improved Retirement Account online service

We've been listening to feedback and have been working to improve the usability and efficiency of our online journey. As we want you to have more time to focus on what matters - your clients and their needs.

Benefits the new journey will bring you

Straight through processing

Straight through processing will apply on all cases that meet the criteria. For most transfers we'll automatically identify those we can request on Origo Options. If we have all our other requirements, we'll place this request straight away.

Signature declarations

For the majority of Retirement Account cases, we no longer need a signed declaration from your client. By introducing signatureless capability, you and your clients will benefit from reduced processing times, and more seamless interactions.

Real-time case tracking

Real-time case tracking on new business and money out transactions. This means you can check the progress of a case when it's convenient for you, and without having to call us.


How to series

How to track new business applications

We'll show you how to track new business applications for a client through their Retirement Account.


So, all of these improvements combined will mean...

1. Faster and more accurate business submissions

2. Quicker end-to-end processing of cases

3. Access to the latest updates on all your cases, whenever and wherever you need it

4. Online support ready to help

5. Money being paid to your clients quicker

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