Our improved Retirement Account online service

Our improved Retirement Account online service

We've been listening to feedback and have been working to improve the usability and efficiency of our online journey. As we want you to have more time to focus on what matters - your clients and their needs.

Streamlined Retirement Account process

Our latest online service offers enhanced functionality that’ll make it easier for you to write new business and service your existing Retirement Account clients.

Watch this video to see how this quick and intuitive online process allows you to key and submit business accurately and efficiently on your client’s behalf.

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Real time business tracking

Quick and easy way to see if there’s any outstanding actions for your application. Each transaction that’s part of the application is tracked and each stage shows a status. Watch our 'How-To' series below on tracking business applications.

Faster and more accurate business submissions

Quick and intuitive online processes, allowing you to submit business accurately and efficiently for your clients.

Signatureless and more accurate business submissions

A signatureless process allowing you to service your client’s requests as quickly as possible.

Latest Updates

New Business Tracking

The new business tracking area of Retirement Account has been updated so you can track the status of new business and money out requests.  You can see all the stages the request needs to go through before being fully completed, and each stage shows a status with a completion date.

Email and SMS notifications

Opt-in for email updates for new business and money out transactions, so we can keep you updated as we process them. Sign your client up for SMS updates on their money out requests.

Single and regular taxable income payments

If there’s an existing regular income set up from the decumulation account, you can now set up a single income payment as well, without having to rely on Prudential staff to do this.

In the ‘take money out’ section for any Pension Income accounts, there are now two sections. One called taxable income regular, and one called taxable income single.


Our How-To series

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How to withdraw money for a client through their Retirement Account.

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How to track new business applications for a client through their Retirement Account.

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How to take a one-off taxable income payment through their Retirement account.


Support for your clients


We’re launching a new Online Service for Retirement Account clients. The Online Service offers a more modern and digitally-engaging experience to help clients keep track of their investments.

Now your Retirement Account clients will be able to:

  • Get up-to-date valuations of their pension pot at any time.
  • Know how much tax-free cash they’ve got available and understand their options.
  • Store key documents securely online
  • Ask to take money out of their plan.*
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These online enhancements are not designed to discourage your clients away from getting in touch for advice. The importance of speaking to their adviser before making any decisions about their investment is highlighted across the site. These advice  ‘warnings’ are even more prominent in the money out section as highlighted above.

Watch the video to see the new Online Service for your clients, and just how often we recommend seeking advice throughout.

*Not all clients will be able to take money out of their plan. To progress with this type of request they’ll need to answer a series of questions. If answers to these questions don’t meet the required criteria, they won’t be able to proceed. Clients that do proceed are made aware of the complexity of taking money out of their investment and the potential pitfalls, as well as the value of seeking advice from their adviser.

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