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Extracting Company Profits Tool

Find out if your client could extract profits from their business in a more tax-efficient way and how.

  • See the results in table or graph format

  • View the tool offline

  • Save as a pdf for your reports

Key features of our Extracting Company Profits Tool

Based on salary, dividends and pension

See how changes in salary, dividends payments and pension contributions can reduce the amount your client pays in income tax and National Insurance.

Available online and offline

Add this tool to your browser favourites and use it even when you’re not online. 

Watch a webinar, by our technical team, that pulls out pointers which wil help when you're using the tool and allow you to get the most out of it. Watch the webinar here

Save as a pdf

To save the results as a pdf you’ll need to print them as a pdf. Find out how in our Handy Hints and Tips guide (PDF).

Guidance, but not advice

The results of the tool shouldn’t be considered as advice and is to aid you during your advice process. The results are based on our current understanding of legislation and HMRC practice. But these might change without notice and the tool doesn’t take into account all of the possible circumstances that could impact your clients.

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